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Remote Methane Leak Detector (RMLD)

Package includes:

  • RMLD Instrument (99000 or 99001)
  • Datalogging
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery ( for 8 hour operation)
  • Battery Charger
  • Padded Shoulder Strap and Ergonomic Dual Strap
  • Belt System
  • CD Manual
  • Carry Case
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The Remote Methane Leak Detector (RMLD) uses a tuneable Infrared diode for open path optical absorption specific to methane.

With a range of up to 30 metres the RMLD is able to measure from 1 ppm up to high concentrations to enable fast remote leak detection during leak surveys.

This lightweight self-calibrating instrument reduces times for walked surveys by up to 50%. On board datalogging facilitates permanent record keeping.

For UK and Ireland customers, call our sales team today on +44 (0) 141 812 3211.

For rest of the world, call Heath Consultants directly on (713) 844 1300.

For more info, call our sales team on +44 (0)141 812 3211.

Key Features

  • Ultra fast response for Methane leaks from Gas Distribution Networks
  • Tuneable Diode Laser
  • Visible Spotter laser
  • Locates Methane up to 30 metres
  • Methane Specific (no false positive)
  • Digital Methane Detection (DMD)
  • Self-Test and Calibration Functions
  • Continuous audio tone relative to gas concentration
  • Datalogging


  • Gas Surveying
  • Leak Detection
  • Landfill Cap Survey

Suitable Industries

Gas Types


Technical Specification

Measuring Ranges

Measurement Range:
0 - 99,999 ppm-m

Detection Distance:
100 ft (30 m) nominal.

Actual distance may vary due to background


Enclosure: IP54 (Water splash and Dust resistant)

Physical Properties


Instrument Weight:
9 lbs (Transceiver 3 lbs,

Controller 6 lbs) (4 kg;
1.3 kg , 2.7 kg)

Carry Case: 14 lbs; 34″ x 9 ½” x 14″
(6.4 kg; 86 cm x 24 cm x 36 cm)


Operating Temperature:
0° to + 122° F (-17° to 50° C)

Humidity: 5 to 95% RH, non-condensing

Sampling System

Detection Method:
Tunable Diode Laser
Absorption Spectroscopy

Power Supply

Power Supply: Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery

External Backup Battery
pack with 5 C cells (Optional)

Battery Operating Life: 8 hours at 32° F without backlight
on (Internal battery)

Battery Charger: External, in-line, 110 – 240
VAC, 50 / 60 hertz universal
type with charger indicator
(8 hours maximum to full


5 ppm-m at distance from 0 - 50 ft (15m) 10ppm-m or better at distance from 50 - 100 ft (15 - 30 m)

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