GMI launches new GDUnet

GMI, an IST company is pleased to announce the launch of its new Gas Delivery Unit (GDUnet).

The GDUnet is used by instrument operators to automatically test or calibrate instruments on a regular basis, ensuring that the Gasurveyor family of instruments are functioning correctly.

The GDUnet has three modes of operation for all user requirements:  Network mode using Ethernet, enabling multiple GDUnet’s to be connected to a network at any time. PC mode using flexiCal Plus software and Stand Alone mode, allowing test and calibration files to be transferred from a PC / Laptop running flexiCalnet software, to the GDUnet via a USB memory stick.

Fleet Management is assured, instrument performance records are maintained and compliance is simplified.

Industrial Safety Technologies is committed to providing innovative safety solutions through its team of dedicated and experienced flame and gas detection companies.  Together, GMI, Oldham, Detcon and Simtronics, manufacture the most comprehensive portable, wireless and fixed flame and gas detection safety solutions.

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