GMI receives ISO 14001 environmental management certification

GMI, an IST company, is pleased to announce that it has received ISO 14001 certification.

This certification by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) recognises the company’s determination to manage the environmental impact of its business through measurable objectives such as waste disposal methods and further reduction of its power consumption.  Other important goals include minimising use of resources by processing environmentally friendly and recyclable materials that are not harmful to health, in addition to using water, electricity and raw materials sparingly.

Brian Garrett, GMI’s Operations Manager says, “We are proud to have received the ISO 14001 certification, which rewards a collective effort by management and employees to embrace a responsible and rational approach to managing our environment”.

The certification was awarded following an in-depth assessment of the company’s current environment management system.

Industrial Safety Technologies (IST) is committed to providing innovative safety solutions through its team of dedicated and experienced flame and gas detection companies.  Together, GMI, Oldham, Detcon and Simtronics, manufacture the most comprehensive portable, wireless and fixed flame and gas detection safety solutions.