GMI’s complete solution for the marine industry

The Shipsurveyor portable gas detector was designed after extensive consultation with ship owners, ship managers and shipping personnel.

The result is a range of 8 instruments dedicated to the marine market

The Shipsurveyor is versatile, simple to use and can measure and display up to 5 gases simultaneously.  This feature rich range of instruments, comply with international marine regulations and are suitable for all shipping applications, including confined space monitoring, cargo monitoring, inerting and many other marine applications.

Marine industry regulations require that vessels have at least one portable gas monitor onboard, for the detection of oxygen and flammable gases.  In higher classifications, vessels also require an instrument for the detection of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide.

With MED and ATEX approval, the Shipsurveyor is GMI’s complete solution for the marine industry.