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Battery Options for Wireless Applications

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Product: Battery Options for Wireless Applications

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High energy battery packs are a necessary component in the application of any SmartWireless® gas detection system. Detcon provides several options when selecting the optimal battery back for your application. These options include rechargeable packs as well as packs with disposable/replaceable batteries. Both use lithium ion technology and are available in low and high capacity versions. While others may specify battery run times of weeks or even days, Detcon battery packs typically provide continuous run times for months at a time. Paired with a solar charging option Detcon SmartWireless® system components can provide indefinite run times. The battery packs are packaged as a plug in module that uses a mechanical guide and large surface area gold plated mating connectors. A smaller compact version is packaged with a twist-lock design. Both are housed and secured inside a Division 1 enclosure. Optional solar charging panels are available in Class I, Div 1 and Class I, Div 2 packages. Integrated safety circuitry continuously monitors each battery pack. If the discharge current exceeds the battery rating the output will be turned off until reset. If the voltage drops below operating levels the output will be turned off until the battery is recharged (rechargeables) or replaced (replaceables). Rechargeable packs are also protected from over voltage during charging.

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Key Features

  • High Energy Lithium Ion Technology
  • Rechargeable & Replaceable/Disposable Options
  • Industry Leading Run Times
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