Hire Fleet

Instruments available for hire

V!SA’s (Rechargeable Only)

  • V!SA 1 Gas
  • V!SA 2 Gas
  • V!SA 3 Gas
  • V!SA 4 Gas

Gasurveyor 400’s (Rechargeable Only)

  • Gasurveyor 411R & 412R (Including Charger)
  • Gasurveyor 421R, 422R, 423R, 424R, 425R & 426R (Including Charger)
  • Gasurveyor 431R, 432R, 433R & 434R (Including Charger)
  • Gasurveyor 441R, 442R (Including Charger)
  • Gasurveyor 491R (Including Charger)

Gasurveyor Range (Dry Cell Only)

  • Gascoseeker MK2
  • Oxygas 2
  • PPM Gasurveyor

Note: Price Flexibility

Instrument Hire Agreement

For a hire period greater than 4 consecutive weeks, we can offer up to 20% discount.

For further details of any of the services above, contact our Service & Calibration Division

Call 01908 568867 or email our service team.


1.0 Period of Hire

The term of hire shall be a minimum of 1 (one) week.

1.2 A part week will be classed as a complete week.

1.3 The hire period commences on the day the equipment is collected or dispatched from Gas Measurement Instruments Ltd’s premises to the hirer.

1.4 The period of hire will continue up to, and including, the day the equipment is received at Gas Measurement Instruments Ltd’s premises of origin.

2.0 Hire Charges

2.1 Hire charges shall be at the rate current/quoted at the commencement of hire.

2.2 A part week shall be charged as a full week.

2.3 A week shall consist of seven consecutive days, including the day of commencement.

2.4 Delivery is not included in the hire charge and will be charged at the first invoice for delivery.

2.5 Delivery and collection charges will be those applicable at the time.

2.6 In the event of any equipment, accessory or packaging being damaged, lost or destroyed, appropriate charges will made to the hirer on termination of the hire.

2.7 Carriage cost for the return of the equipment is the responsibility of the hirer.

3.0 Hirer’s Obligation

3.1 To assume upon receipt, until received back at Gas Measurement Instruments Ltd’s premises, the entire risk of loss or damage to the equipment or accessories from any occurrence whatsoever.

3.2 The hirer undertakes to arrange, at their own expense, appropriate insurance cover for 3.1 above.

3.3 Ensure the equipment is used by trained personnel only.

3.4 Not to make any modifications, adjustments or repairs to the equipment or accessories.

3.5 To use the equipment and accessories in accordance with the handbook provided.

3.6 Be entirely responsible for any damage caused to the equipment through failure to comply with 3.4 above, use of the equipment in an inappropriate manner, being used by untrained operatives or acts of vandalism.

4.0 Indemnities

4.1 The hire shall be solely responsible for and hold Gas Measurement Instruments Ltd fully indemnified against any loss or damages arising in connection with the hired equipment, or as a result of the use thereof.

5.0 Acceptance Conditions

5.1 Acceptance of delivery of the equipment by the hirer, his agent or representative will be conclusive evidence that the equipment has been examined and found to be complete, in good condition and fit for use.

5.2 Acceptance of delivery/collection by the hirer, his agent or representative shall be taken as acceptance of the Conditions of Hire.